MY GLASSES BROKE. Actually to be more accurate, our kitten knocked everything off my nightstand and my glasses broke.  The lenses are okay but the frame is shattered beyond repair.  

had just taken out my contacts because my eyes were wicked tired, and going to get my glasses, I discovered that while we were out today, Catagedon happened in our bedroom.  

The Boy was super concerned about my total inability to see, and set to work repairing them.  The Husband and The Girl were equally concerned but also distracted by the World Series that is STILL HAPPENING.  The Husband is from Chicago so this whole sportsball thing tonight is a BIG DEAL.  Meanwhile, the Boy toiled away in his room.  Using his smiley-face tape, he was able to make my glasses wearable -- sort of.  It was actually adorable to watch him strutting around the house and telling his sister, 'I fixed them!  Mama can see now!"  It was pretty cute, and so of course I've been wearing my "repaired" glasses all night.

I am currently using a sample pack of my contacts.  I had just gone in for a checkup two weeks ago, but through a mixup, I don't have my new contacts yet.    I am now treating my remaining contacts as the precious treasures that they are, and calling the eye glass place ASAP!

I've always thought how terrible it would be to have eyes like mine 100 years ago.  Access to eye exams and effective eye correction was nonexistent.  You would just simply lose your vision over time.  I wonder how many wars occurred simply because people had bad vision.  Imagine.

World Leader 1:  Hey, he's giving me weird looks.  Is he trying to tick me off?
Second in Command to WL1:  Yeah, he's a jerk.
World Leader 2:  Why is he scrunching up his face like that?  What's going on?  I didn't do anything.
Second in Command to WL2:  Yeah, he's a jerk.

And we are in the middle of a war simply because people couldn't quite read each other's facial expressions - Wholly preventable with corrective eyewear.  Which of course makes me think of people all over the world who have little or no access to health care.  They do not have the ability to call the eye glass place in the morning like I do.  And of course, because I am "rabidly militant" (according to the Husband), I am well aware that it is often woman and the disenfranchised who are the most likely to be left out of the health care loop.    

Alexander Hamilton was killed because of poor eyesight.  Aaron Burr claimed that the reason he shot to kill was because Hamilton showed up to the duel wearing his glasses.  This was apparently unusual and led Burr to believe that Hamilton intended to shoot to kill.  Of course, the converse of that is true, maybe he wore his glasses to ensure he would miss.  Either way, it was because of poor eyesight.

All of which, has nothing to do with my glasses being broken, but I like to see if I can connect Hamilton to just about everything that comes up.  You've got to admire my moxy, right?  

Ah, well, now we wait to see if the Cubs can do the impossible, but whatever happens I am comforted by the sweet assurances of my nine-year-old protector who firmly believes that anything can be fixed.  Fingers crossed, America.