I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT DR. KING, ROSA PARKS, AND BAYARD RUSTIN SACRIFICED SO MUCH so that I could one day marry my husband, and we could have two kids who would spend ALL DAY arguing with each other.  It is the American dream.  I actually said to my children today, "I'm glad that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought so hard, and was jailed and killed so that you two could fight over who gets to be the one to vacuum."  They were unimpressed.  Fighting over vacuuming sounds like a good thing, but it was just that neither of them wanted to do it.  They were fighting over who would get stuck with the job.  It seems like Dr. King's dream was meant for better things.

It is knitting weather at long last.  It is true.  I knit.  My nerdism knows no bounds.  I can also crochet.  My great grandmother taught me to crochet back when I was in grade school.  At first the only thing she taught me was how to make a chain.  She didn't teach me how to turn a corner so I just made one long endless chain.  It stretched from the front room of our house to the back, and back again -- three times.  I think my mother must have put in a call to her because she taught me how to turn the corner after that.

I taught myself to knit.  I looked it up on the internet, and then my mom and I took a Saturday class with one of the angriest knitting teachers I have ever met.  "Your stitches are TOO tight!"  She bellowed at me.  She grabbed my project out of my hands.  "You can't do it like that!"  I think she may have missed the part where they explained to her that it was her job to show me how to knit - not yell at me for not knowing.

I still bought yarn, and started youtubing instructions after that.  Every single video was nicer than that lady who screamed at me.  I would buy yarn and patterns, but you can only make scarves for so long.  I got this cool pattern for finger less gloves, and decided it was time for something new.  The first lines of the directions read:  "Cast on 36 stitches."  I did this - no problem, whistling cheerfully as I did.  Step two:  "Split the stitches between three needles".  

Uh, what?  THREE needles.  I was stumped on step two.  That year for Christmas, my husband gave me knitting lessons.  It was really just a knitting circle.  I would go every Monday night, with my 3 needle project, and sit and knit with a bunch of ladies who actually knew what they were doing.  As a result, I can now knit a lovely pair of finger less gloves.  Don't be surprised if you get a set for Christmas.

I can also make beanies.  When I was teaching high school, the students started a knitting club - and everyone would make their own beanies.  I had a surprising number of boys show up to find out how to make their own hats.  We were called the Knit Whits -- because one of the founding memebers last name was Whit and he loved the name.  

I was also coach of the debate team -- we had these awesome shirts that said, "Don't hate! Forensicate!"  I wish I still had that shirt.  It was pretty awesome.

We've got one week left until Winter Break -- I can't wait.  I love the days leading up to Christmas.  Even as a kid, I perfered the days before Christmas to the actual day.  Unwrapped presents are so final.  In those days before Christmas, anything is possible - it could be a laptop, or a new dress or a trip to Mexico under the tree.  It is like a kind of magic.  The world is sparkly, and people smile, tons of places hand out cookies or candy, and you can feel that something good is just around the corner.

The Boy was over at the grandparents today, and there are now wrapped gifts underneath their tree.  He lay on his stomach, his chin in his hands, staring.  "I wonder what's inside."  He whispered.  "It could be anything." #relatable

Of course, he then spent the rest of the day, whistling just off-tune to irritate his sister, who took the bait and ran with it.  "Stop it!  MOM!"  Of course, she's a little tired, just back from camp and feeling all of her Tween-ness these days.  She cannot be bothered by a nine-year old child - even if he turns 10 next month.

Has anyone else noticed how much EASIER Christmas shopping has become since they invented the internet and the Amazon?  The thought of going out to a store, drains all the energy from my body, but I've got no problem getting on the computer and clicking away.  God bless technology, every byte.

Wishing you a glorious December, as we rush headlong into an unknown future.  


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