MOTHERHOOD IS TOUGH.  I had to dig the guts out of a pumpkin today.  I am really grossed out by pumpkin guts.  The kids were carving their pumpkins and if I hadn't stepped in they would STILL be carving their pumpkins. They dug in with tentative little scrapes.  I already was feeling a little sick to my stomach, but pumpkin guts man.  Yuck.

I've done a ton of gross things though.  I am a mom.  I won't go into to details.  You all know the drill.  You've lived it.  The Husband, who was playing the part of Captain Obvious saw me digging out the pumpkin guts and said, "I thought you hated pumpkin guts!"  No kidding, pal.  The girl stuck her hand inside that pumpkin and decided that carving pumpkins was not for HER.  She stuck with it though.  

Here's one you can all relate to -- you have a free afternoon which we all know is a complete miracle when you are a mom.  But something crazy has happened.  The Husband is somewhere, and the kids are somewhere and you alone in your house for the first time in six years.  You could watch a movie.  You could binge watch your favorite show.  You could eat a tub of ice cream.  You could call up a friend and hang-out kid free, but what do you do?  You know it.  You take a nap.  True story.  What is even weirder -- you get about two hours in and you start to feel lonely.  You wonder where the kids are and what they are doing?  It's kind of ridiculous.

But it is Mom life.

Teachers are kind of like that.  Some kid says he is hungry and you are handing over your own lunch.  You spend your free time and free minutes creating the perfect lesson.  You get excited when there is an ad in the paper that does not include the words :  limit 5 per customer.  Yippee!  You can buy 30!  My favorite mistake was a Walmart ad selling notebooks for $0.01 each!  It was supposed to be $0.10, but was a misprint.  Teachers EVERYWHERE were calling each other on the phone.  The best part was that the next year, Walmart ran the SAME ad with the SAME typo.  It was pretty awesome.  I really wish I'd bought more.

The year I got my very first teaching job, some friends of ours had a tenant skip out on their rent.  It was a commercial site and it was a teacher supply store.  The tenant just bailed with the store pretty much fully stocked.   Apparently it was a better tax break to give the stuff away than try and sell it.  As a result I got to grab all kinds of teacher stuff for free.  I was pretty tentative about it.  I didn't want to be greedy and I hadn't taught yet.  I suppose it is a good thing that the same thing didn't happen this summer.  I would've had to rent a Uhaul!  No joke!  

The Husband is suffering from jet lag and gets day and night mixed up.  It is just now 8 p.m. and he's been asleep for a couple of hours.  The kids are headed to bed and I am heading toward some stolen free Mom time.  Of course, I'll probably just grade papers, do laundry and go to bed.  But right now, before free Mom hour starts, it is ripe with all kinds of wonderful possibilities.

We live in hope.