IT IS DADDY-HOMECOMING EVE.  We are in a state of perpetual excitement.  Bedtime might be a bit of a challenge tonight.  On the other hand, all this pent up energy and excitement has made it possible for me to convince a couple of kids to put some strong effort into cleaning.  They vacccumed and mopped and straightened.  It was kind of beautiful.  They also reacted to my "Go put that in your room."  with lightening speed.  So, you know, it's the upside of Daddy on tour.

We are pretty excited but meanwhile The Husband is exahausted.  He was surprised to discover that Air Serbia isn't as streamlined as he would like.  He will start heading home as soon as they actually board the plane.  He is in line behind a woman who is crying and saying things in French.  He isn't quite sure what she is saying, but is absolutely confident that he will end up sitting beside her on the plane.  

It is always so amazing to me.  He will get on a plane in a few minutes and we will go to bed, get up in the morning.  I will fix breakfast take the kids to school, teach a full day, lead an afterschool club, and all that time he will be heading home.  It makes me tired even just thinking about it.

He usually schedules layovers on purpose on his way there and home -- this way he gets to squeeze in a very brief visit to another country.  This year it is Paris, which is really bumming The Girl out.  She has explained that Paris is "the absolute one place I have wanted to go for my whole entire life" and "how could you go there without me!"  I would like to point out that if Daddy is taking anyone to Paris -- it's Mommy, but I don't want to hear the reaction to that!

Homecomings are always weird.  They are a really happy reunion but one of the people is super, crazy tired and all bugged out on a different time zone, and the other people are so happy and excited that they don't know what to do with themselves.  The Offspring bounce all over the place with energy and The Husband smiles sleepily.  It takes a couple of days for everything to settle.  He just posted a picture and he already looks like he is asleep on his feet, so I can't imagine what 20 hours of travel will do to him.  Poor kid.

Meanwhile, everything is scrubbed and shiny.  Everything is ready, and we are all waiting.  It is our own private Christmas Eve filled with joy and anticipation.  If you hear squeals and screams of joy tomorrow afternoon -- don't worry about it.  It is just an Ellison reunion.