THIS POST GOES OUT TO KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS EVERYWHERE.  Let us lift up a moment of silence for them on this day of Halloween.  They survived a school day with tiny people in costumes.  Teaching Kinder is tough enough on a regular day - those people are dependent on their teachers for EVERYTHING -- you throw in a Pikachu costume and life gets crazy!  

Of course, tomorrow is a true test of teacher bravery -- The Day After.  Kids are crashing down from their sugar highs and cranky from a late night that was totally off-schedule - it is NOT for the faint of heart.  Lift a glass to the teachers everywhere and if so inclined, say a little prayer for them at dawn -- as they face down the scariest thing there is:  over-sugared and over-tired children.

My life with Halloween went through several iterations.  First, Halloween was acceptable, and I dressed up and went trick-r-treating.  Then, during our Powerfully Evangelical Years, it was the devil's holiday.  We attended Harvest Parties at the church -- my friends dressed up as witches and ghosts and I went as Noah's Ark -- the Ark, not Noah.  I went as the boat with 2 of every type of stuffed animal I could find.  One year, we HAD to dress a Biblical character -- my request to go as "The Woman Caught in Sin" fell on deaf ears.  

We take our kids trick-or-treating in my Mom's neighborhood, our neighborhood and at any local church that is throwing out candy.  The kids are actually lightweights -- they get 10 pieces of candy and are ready to quit.  I grew up out in the country so trick-or-treating was impossible -- man, if I got to go the neighborhoods my kids go to -- I would hit every house TWICE.  

We carve pumpkins, too - despite my revulsion toward pumpkin guts.  Neither the Husband or I are really into scary stuff.  I never have been.  He watched TONS of horror films when he was in Jr. High and High School but said he reached his gore limit his junior year and has since tapped out.  If a movie is even mildly suspenseful, he can't watch.  It is too much craziness for him!

Speaking of craziness, this is blog post 100, which means I've written every day for 100 days -- kind of crazy.  I'm amazed when I run into people and they say, "Oh, I read it every day."  Wow.  I mean, The Husband doesn't even do that!  

I really had no plan when I began my Everyday 500 -- other than the recognition of the fact that writers write.  I decided I would start daily writing and just see.  I've, on at least two occasions thought, "Well, maybe I'll cut back and only write every other day, or once a week", but then I kept writing.  No doubt, I'll switch to less frequent writing soon, but for now -- it is still Everyday 500.  If you enjoy, that's great and if not - then why do you keep reading it?  Huh?  Just kidding.  If not, sorry about that.

I know the grammar lovers out there, cringe at my typos -- I do, too.  I try to catch them all, but just like PokemonGo -- sometimes they get away.  It's a flaw in my writing since high school, I have a tendency to turn things in (or push post) BEFORE I've carefully double and triple checked my work.  I am hoping it keeps me human and relatable.  

Meanwhile, I hope that something happens tomorrow that I (and maybe you) find interesting.  I might have a lot to say -- it being post-Halloween and whatnot, plus, you might not be aware of this, but there is a Presidential Election  in a few days and things have gotten pretty crazy.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Stay safe people, and remember:  It isn't stealing your kid's candy; it is preparing them for a life filled with taxes.  It is candy tax.