HAPPY THANKSGIVING. For the second year in a row, I ate no turkey - other than to sample it when it came out of the oven. I had mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and ham. No turkey for me. My mom's stuffing invloves tons of sausage so it is really a meal all by itself, but, in case you aren't aware, Thanksgiving isn't generally a day for self-control at the table.

In the past, I've been a Black Friday shopper. The first year, I went out to experience it. I'd never once been and it seemed like an interesting social experiement. It was definitely an experience, but all the people I was around were actually cheerful and friendly. Of course, I did NOT shop electronics.  I've heard that is where the real chaos happens.  I went out for the next three years with cash in hand (our Christmas budget) and came home with my entire Christmas list filled. It was a time efficient way to shop and everyone around me was generally friendly. I never once shopped at Walmart - I should mention that. I've heard things can be rough at the Walmart. 

haven't gone out the last few years. I haven't felt any particular need and most places have just as good deals on-line so shopping at home in my pjs, seems like a much better option. Plus, what more stuff do we need? We've got plenty of stuff already.

I was looking at some on-line deals though. The Offspring have made some Christmas requests. The Girl is particularly fond of DC Superhero Girls right now. She is 11 so it is probably our LAST Christmas of asking for toys. #sadmom Her favorite DC Superhero Girl is Bumblebee. This is what Bumblebee looks like:

She's pretty awesome.  She's a scientist and a powerful female role model.  Also, in case you aren't aware.  The Girl looks like this:

So, you can see why she likes Bumble Bee so much.  I mean we don't run into Super Hero Girls like her every day.  So, I decided to see if there were any sales on pillows, blankets, shirts, posters and whatnot -- good socking stuffers for The Girl.  This is what I found:

Anything missing?  That's right.  No Bumble Bee.  What is up with this?  We've run into the same issue on the shelves of Target -- every Super Hero Girl in the world - including Harley Quinn - who is a QUESTIONABLE role model at best.  I don't really understand it.  I mean DC made a point of including a brown-skinned super hero, and yet she is not present in many of their products.  Sure, you CAN buy stuff with Bumble Bee on it -- but it is much, much harder to find.  It is enough to make you think, isn't it?

Representation is really important for young people.  My kids perspective of the founding Fathers of our country was tremendously impacted to their exposure to Hamilton.  They met the ideas and concepts from familiar faces FIRST and then saw pictures of the Real Founding Fathers -- they had already made a connection to the thoughts of these men, and then saw that they were not actually like them.  I cannot express the importance of this.  They made a personal connection to the foundational ideas of our Nation with people who they could instantly connect to -- they looked like their own family.  After that connection was made - after they felt that America was their story -- they discovered that the founding fathers were white men.  This is no way detracted from their connection.  The connection had already been made.  Looking at a picture of Alexander Hamilton, the Boy shrugged his shoulders and said, "Huh, I didn't think he looked like that.  Oh, well, Thomas Jefferson is a better rapper anyway."  I then had to explain that the founding fathers didn't actually rap.  "They wrote about 'all men are created equal' though, right?."  The Boy asked me.  Representation is significant.

And now the Girl has connected with a brown-skinned Super Girl.  I mean, don't get me wrong, we love Wonder Woman -- we always have.  She is a powerful man who needs no one to rescue her, but Bumble Bee is special.  She is someone familiar.  The Girl has been looking for Bumble Bee in Target, in Walmart, in commercials and she is rarely there.  Each and every time, she calls me over.  "See, Mom!  They cut her out?  Why do they cut her out?"

Good question, Kid.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and if you are black Friday shopping -- stay safe out there!  If you happen to run across a Bumble Bee -- let me know!