SOMEONE WANTED ME TO FOLLOW THEIR DOG ON INSTAGRAM.  It was just an acquaintence so I don't feel too bad about writing about it.  I realize this sounds judgy.  It's probably because I am judgy.  I try not to be.  It doesn't always work.

Lookit, I'll look at all your dog pictures.  I'll even like them or heart them.  I'm just saying I am NOT going to follow an IG account that is supposedly run by a dog.  Dogs don't have thumbs.  They can't post pics, or make cute comments.  Our cats don't have an Instagram.  Our fish don't have one either - heck our Offspring don't even have an IG.

Technically, the Girl has a phone, but it is just her father's old phone, and it doesn't have service.  When she is home and has it, it can grab the wifi, but even then it is pretty limited in what it can do.  Of course, next year she will be in middle school, and that means it would be legit for her to argue that she needs a phone.  It will be her first time at a school without me.  Right now, they go to school where I teach, and are either with me or the Husband.  She's got no need to call us because she is always with us, or her grandparents.  Next year, we venture into undiscovered territory.

We just found out tonight that she got into the smaller middle school in town.  It was a lottery, and so we had to wait to see if she got picked.  She did.  I was pretty surprised.  I'm hoping it is the best fit for her, and for us.  Tragically, the middle school I attended has really changed in the few short years since I was there, and having her follow in my footsteps wasn't really an option.  I guess the upside to having spent a year and a half subing while waiting for a full-time teaching job, is that I taught at every school in town. I got to get a feel for the schools.  School is challenging for her, so I guess we shall see.

Speaking of growing up, the Girl leaves for outdoor ed tomorrow.  True story.  I'm trying not to freak out about it.  She has only ever spent the night and someone else's house ONCE.  Usually she calls around midnight and asks to come home.  Now she is going to camp!  Of course, I signed the Husband up to be a chaperon while he was on tour in Europe.  I'm not stupid.  He can keep an eye on her - and hopfully she will have a good time - even if her Dad is looking over her shoulder.  

Meanwhile, the Boy and I will putter around the apartment, trying to deal with all the extra space.  The Boy can be pretty quiet, so it could be interesting.  You never know though, he will probably talk my ear off because without Big Sister, he might just be able to get a word in edgewise.

And so we continue hurtling rapidly forward through time and space.  I wish I could pump the breaks, but there you have it.  Tomorrow she goes to camp, next year middle school and about ten minutes after that she will be off to college.  Time is relentless.

I hope that all is well in your little spot on the globe.  And don't be offended; I love your pup - I just don't think he should have social media.