Meanwhile, I, the Slacker Wife, went to none.  Actually, I got up and was all ready for church, but then the Girl started coughing and hacking.  She's been fighting that cough/cold thing that has been going around.  Poor kid wasn't doing so great today.  So we stayed in, despite the fact that my hair was spot-on this a.m.  First of all it was colder than Nebraska out, and second of all The Girl had a fever.  We were housebound pretty much all day.

The Husband is watching the Cowboys, so really it is his fifth church service.  He takes the Cowboys VERY SERIOUSLY.  I'm not really into Sportsball, so my feelings on the  Cowboys are kinda "meh", but I feel that way about all sportsball teams.  Although, I am contractually obligated by marriage to say this:  The Dodgers are evil.  There, met my quota for the year.

If you were paying really close attention, you would notice this is the SECOND time, I wrote this particular blog.  My computer decided to eat the previous version.  Actually, it was user error and I clicked the wrong button on my screen.  Good-bye every word I wrote.  *Sigh*

I do miss going to church during the Christmas season.  I hate that I missed the last service before Christmas day.  I love the beauty of the Christmas services - candles, lights and little kids in halos.  Although, not our little kids in halos.  Our kids never make it into the Christmas programs.  They practice and know all the words, but The Girl never makes it up on stage.  She's got a fairly relentless case of stage fright.  Once she doesn't make it on stage, the little Man balks, too.    Although both of them wander around singing ALL DAY LONG - just never in front of people.

The Boy has been going through a spunky phase.  I think he is feeling the effects of his birthday next month. He's hitting double-digits, and has decided to exercise his personality completely.  Last night when we set him to bed, he replied stoically, "Reggie don't care.  Reggie out!"  I don't know how we managed to end up with two wacky kids.  I blame The Husband.

The apartment is really quiet tonight.  The Boy is fixated on watching Nat Geo and Mythbusters, the Girl is doing something or other on the computer while the husband attends services with America's Team (The Dallas Cowboys).  It is lovely and warm inside and we are altogether and safe.  On a cold night like tonight, I can't help but think of all my students who may or may not be somewhere warm tonight.  It is difficult to think about all those who might have nowhere to go tonight.  I think of all those my husband's played for yesterday, and I hope they are safe and warm.

I did manage a little bit of schoolwork today.  I'm trying to do one thing every day so that I actually get some work done over break - for once.  Tomorrow is the Official First Day of Winter Break.  I'll tell you a secret about teachers -- we have BIG plans for all we are going to accomplish over break, but usually our book bags remain untouched until the day before school resumes.  "Oh, yeah I was gonna . . ."  We are dreamers and visionaries, but the lure of free days can be too much.

Of course, despite the fact that my alarm won't go off tomorrow, I bet I'll wake up around 5 a.m.  I did this morning which is probably why my hair looked so good.  I had a lot of time.  I'm hoping The Girl feels better tomorrow.  I get stir crazy if I have to hang around the house too much!

Now, I'm going to nestle down with a warm blanky and watch some tv.  And I will keep my hands OFF this computer so that hopefully I won't delete my blog this time.  

I'm hoping you are safe and warm, and snuggled up close to someone you love.


P.S.  The Husband gave me grief about saying "meh" about the Cowboys.  You would think, I would leave that out the Second time I wrote the same blog.  I didn't.  I like to live dangerously.