Spoiler alert: I am old.  Old enough to remember standing in line to see Star Wars when it first came out.  The way I remember it, Star Wars is literally the first movie I saw in a theater.  We saw at the Uptown Theater here in Napa, and I remember waiting outside in a line that went around the corner from the front door of the theater.  My father was grumbling the whole time - he doesn't really like movies.  "I can't believe I'm standing in line for a movie."  Don't mind him.  The story makes him sound grumpier than he actually was - it is just part of the song and dance.

We dragged the Offspring to see Rogue One.  They enjoy Star Wars, although the boy once declared, "Um, no offense Mom, but the old movies are kinda cheesy."  I get it.  He grew up with some pretty intense CGI - there are some hokey tricks in Star Wars.  A year ago we all went to the movies together - taking up an entire row to see The Force Awakens.  "Mom!"  The Girl said after it was over, "But Han Solo was your first boyfriend."  He kind of was.  I used to think, a long time ago, that I had a crush on Harrison Ford, but it turns out is was just Han Solo.  Dude, he was my fav.  The Husband has some serious Han Solo qualities - if only I could get him to wear those pants with the red stripe.

But I digress, we loved Rogue One.  You gotta love something new that provides you with context for something you already love.  The Husband and I chatted away in the car as we drove home - talking about the beautiful way that Rogue One morphs into Star Wars: A New Hope.  "You guys are Star Wars nerds,"  the Girl informed us from the back see.  Uh, yeah. Duh?  Where you been hanging out, kid?

Side note:  There is an ACTUAL stack of articles that DISCUSS the fact that Carrie Fisher could not look young enough to play a younger version of herself in Rogue One.  They had to CGI her in.  HELLO?  You expect her to look FORTY YEARS YOUNGER?  The woman is SIXTY YEARS old!  What is wrong with humanity.  BTW, the dude who played Governor Tarkin was ALSO CGI-ed in -- NO  ONE IS SNICKERING ABOUT THAT.  Of course, Peter Cushing is dead so I guess he couldn't even try to pull that off, but if Carrie Fisher were dead I bet you those FREAKING VULTURES would be talking about the fact that she was too old-looking to wear that STUPID gold bikini in Star Wars 23 in 2045.  SERIOUSLY!!!!!!  

Listen, the misogyny in Hollywood is RIDICULOUS and it made me lose my focus there for a minute.  I guess this particular blog is a movie review.  We loved Rogue One, but I am, as the Girl pointed out, a Star Wars nerd.  I seriously, seriously wanted to be Princess Leia when I was a kid.  And for the record I NEVER really have liked Luke.  Even as a kid, I thought it was WAAAY too whiny.  I have always been a Han Solo girl.  

When Return of the Jedi came out -- this was before the midnight showings -- we all cut school to see the first showing which was at 11 in the morning.  We cut school with our YOUTH PASTOR who met us at the theater.  Remember that Terina?  Were you there?  It was awesome.  It was my first (and only) time cutting class in junior high, and we all cheered when the words showed up on the screen.  Did I mention it was our Youth Pastor's IDEA for us to all cut school?  That is a true story.

Listen, I am not saying that this movie will change your life, or fix all the wrongs in the world, but as we face new leadership in our Nation, a movie about a scrappy band of individuals rising up against a terrible oppressor against ridiculous odds -- well, it can really cheer you up -- You know what I'm saying?

May the Force be with Us All,