Today was kind of busy but Christmas busy which is the fun kind.  I took the kids to Walmart and gave them each a budget to shop for each other.  The Girl tried to get as many things as she possibly could for her little, pesky brother.  The Boy wanted to know if her gift was under budget, could he spend the rest on himself?  He's been dealing with my Stink Eye ever since.

We made some sugar cookies and frosted them.  I would include a picture but I want you to think that they are Martha Stewart gorgeous.  We set aside two for Santa, and the closeness of Christmas hit the kids hard.  Really?  Really, Momma?

I took my MIL to get a new phone.  We fully expected to spend 3 or 4 hours on this project, but it was actually really fast.  The guy helping us, Diego, was awesome.  He kept adding in extra free stuff.  Long story short, the Husband is setting up a new Ipad mini - which I thought could be for the kids, but he appears to have claimed it, which in hind's sight is a better idea; the Offspring have ZERO idea where their current Ipad is right this minute.  

I took the Girl over to her Nanny's and the made Russian tea cookies.  My mom is an insanely good cook.  She was working on the sauce for our Christmas lasagna.  The house smells so GOOD!!!  Her Russian tea cookies are delicious.  They kind of melt in your mouth, and are prefect with a cup of coffee.  I love when the kids cook with her because I can remember all the times we cooked together. 

We grew up in this old farmhouse that had the biggest kitchen I have ever seen.  It was GIANT.  You might think I'm exaggerating here, but I am not.  That kitchen was about as big as the entire front of our apartment.  Poor Mom, every kitchen after that one is a "small" kitchen - no matter how big.  

We always made batches and batches of cookies that we handed out to the neighbors, family and friends.  I got to be an EXPERT at tying the string around the cellophane.  My sister and I probably ate more frosting than we actually used, and to do this day, my Mom has more varieties of sprinkles than I have ever seen.  Sugar cookies can taste like cardboard but hers never have.  They are always yummy.  I remember one year, we got a cookie gun and have a GREAT time shooting out little cookies of various shapes.  I wonder if she still has it.

Usually at this point, I am frantically wrapping presents, but thanks to a friendly birthday party that both the Offspring attended, I am pretty much finished.  Now I am scouring my saved recipes on Facebook, searching for an awesome dessert for Christmas day.  Or I could just beg my friend CathiJo to make one of her delicious cakes - speaking of people who can COOK.

I am super fortunate that I was raised by an insanely good cook.  I can cook pretty good (although the Boy would argue otherwise when he's in a MOOD), but my Mom's skills are off the hook.  I remember clearly cooking something in college and my roommates watching me with eyes wide, "What are you doing?"  My response of "That's how you make it,"  was met with  a collective "No, it isn't, but THAT is the most delicious thing I've ever eaten."  It was just the way I was taught to cook.

Here's to all the Super Chefs out there handing their knowledge down to the next generation -- we love your cookies and you!