Noah happens to be the six-month old son of a former student.  Actually technically, he is the six-month old son of the sister of a former student, but I'm claiming her as mine anyway.  Noah is one of my Grand-students.  I've actually gotten so OLD and taught for so LONG that I now have students who are having kids of their own.  It is crazy.

Noah's parents are Nick and Gracie, and they are a couple of sweethearts.  I've actually never met Nick, but no Gracie from when she was little and hanging around her older sister Oliva (NOT A TYPO).  I taught Livie tons of times over the years (that's a long story, too).  Many of my former students are friends with me on Facebook.  My students often look me up and request a FB friendship after they graduate college - nostalgic for the good-old days I guess.  Gracie was in my feed because her older sister is a FB friend (She's been to a White House party twice -- without asking me to be her date - I'm trying to overlook it.  Beside, I don't want to go there NOW).  I watched as she was expecting her first child, Noah.

And then little Ginger-haired Noah was born.  He is ridiculously adorable, and I KNOW what I am talking about because my kids are FREAKISHLY cute.  I love his hair!  It is wild and untamable, and lets you know that in spite of all the struggles and pain, Noah is HERE and he is a FORCE to be reckoned with.  

I LOVE seeing his pictures and seeing posts from his sweet Mom, who is crazy cheerful despite the MOST challenging circumstances possible.  Her life has been turned upside down, and everything has had to be restructured, but her posts are usually posts of thankfulness, and her pictures are full of smiles.  It makes me happy to see little Noah, and also makes me wish I was a Gajillionaire so I could alleviate any concerns that Noah's parents have about medical services, bills or income.  I want them to only have to concentrate on Noah, and keeping him smiling.  

Please remember Noah and his family in your prayers.  He is the sweetest, little guy who deserves a beautiful, pain-free Christmas - just like all children.  Take a look at the great article that Frank Sommerville wrote about some very kind police officers coming to visit Noah in the hospital, and Gracie, being Gracie sent a letter to Mr. Sommerville to brag about the kindness of the officers.  That's pretty typical of Gracie; She is quick to shine the light on others.

You can check out the story Frank Sommerville wrote below and also if you happen to be a Gajillionaire, or just have a generous heart I've included a link to his GoFundMe page.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday - remember to lift up prayers for all the sweet kids just like Noah who can't be home for the holidays.