And so am I.  woke up with some pretty wicked vertigo around 4 a.m. which is a total bummer since it is Christmas day.  I am grateful that the Offspring slept until almost 7 a.m. which nearly gave me enough time, to manage being upright with my eyes open.   I am so thankful that I was healthy enough to participate and enjoy the day - or at least watch my family enjoy the day.

We spent time with all of our family - the Hubs parents and mine.  The kids had a fabulous time and right now we only see the top of the Boy's head as he is bent over his new 3DS.  I am looking forward to the arguments to come which will involve the sentence, "Turn that off, and hand it to me."  For now, though, it is only Christmas joy.

The nicest part of today was watching all the home videos my parents had converted to DVD.  There's a ton of them - my Grandparents as new parents with Little Baby Jackie (my mom).  My mom was born while my Grandfather was fight during World War II.  He was in Italy when she was born, and he didn't see her until she was nearly a year old.  

We lost my Grandparents all in one year.  The three remaining grandparents were 93 when they died -- all of them.  They were sweet and wonderful and started all of her crazy, obnoxious family.  We miss them always, but during the holidays I keep moving from room to room expecting to see them.

Remember when you were a kid and you had those crazy long Christmas lists?  I want a Chatty Cathy doll, and an Atari, and a ten speed, and parachute pants.  I used to have those long lists.  Now there are so few things that I want - Lord knows, I don't need more stuff, our apartment is already exploding with things that need dusting.  Mostly I wish for my children to grow up in a world of peace where compassion is all around, and they are quick to reach out and encourage those around them.  I suppose it was the same thing my Grandfather wished for while he stode on the shores of Sicily before he'd ever held my mother in his arms.

Of course, this year, I wish for even smaller things -- this vertigo to disappear so that the room no longer spins when I am upright.  

Merry Christmas.