At least that's what I tell my kids.  We take it EASY the day after Christmas.  We stay in our PJs and play with our new toys.  This has not been a problem - between the Boy's new 3DS, his BB8 robot, and the Girl's new Go-Pro - no one is interested in venturing out into the world.

I am feeling much better than yesterday -- of course recovering from vertigo always makes you feel 8 million times better than when the entire world was spinning.  Although, now my back is out of wack - no doubt from lying down for most of yesterday.  Which isn't to say I'm complaining.  I am relatively healthy, my Husband is hella fine and loves me no end, and my kids are healthy and content.  You can't say 2016 was a terrible year if you've still got somebody willing to bring you an icepack for you back - no what I mean?

Did I tell you that we had Christmas lasagna?  We did.  My mom makes some pretty wicked awesome lasagna and that's what we had for Christmas.  It was great.  She drove some leftover to our place today because she's sweet as can be and pretty quick to help us out.  I am currently sipping her delicious homemade hot chocolate whilst typing this.  it is good to be loved.

Tomorrow is the annual -- Why-Do-We-Have-All-This-Stuff Clean-Up Day.  Last year, I took the tree down during this clean up.  There is something about pre-Christmas that makes everything look pretty and festive, but that calendar hits December 26th and it just looks REALLY, REALLY cluttered.  I don't know that I'm ready to take the tree down though, I like the way it keeps a pretty glow in our front room.

What are your Christmas/post-Christmas traditions?  I know lots of people leave their tree up until New Year's.  I think that is what we used to when I was little.  I am confident I cannot deal with the tree until 2017.  Of course, I still haven't changed my bedside clock for day light savings -- I mean if you just wait six months, it will be the right time again.  Right?

Hoping your Boxing Day was restful and lovely, and that you've got more days ahead to spend with your family and friends.  If you are feeling the strain of the season, remember that you matter very much, and we need you here.  We are all listening to the sound of your voice.  

Never stop.