THE HUSBAND JUST SENT ME THE MOST ADORABLE VIDEO.  It is really just sound, and it is all the fifth graders at camp singing at the campfire.  "I love the forests!  I love the wilderness!"  It is about the cutest thing ever.  He and the girl are surviving camp.  He claims that they hiked five miles today, which may or may not be accurate.

Driving to work today, we were listening to the radio and some song came on that went, "I want to be a soul on fire!  A soul on fire!"  I started thing about that.  People might sing that - especially in church, but to be honest the world doesn't really want someone who has their soul on fire.

If you know someone who is really fired up about something, you try to avoid them, or roll your eyes at some of things they say.  "Calm down."  You think to yourself.  People who are fully passionate about something aren't generally hailed as heroes or role models.

I suppose it is the prevalence of crazy people who are described in the media as being passionate - as if passion and insanity go hand in hand.  I'm pretty passionate about making sure every kid in America gets a good education.  I am pretty sure there are many who are tired of me talking about poverty, education, social justice, and the apathy toward the poor in the American Christian church.  I bet that sentence bugged some people who know me.  "Give it a rest, already!"  

Having a soul on fire gets you into trouble.  It makes you different, and/or annoying.  Of course this makes me think of Alexander Hamilton.  That dude was fired up.  He drove EVERYONE around him crazy.  There is a line in Hamilton: An American Musical, where his wife Eliza says, "The fact that your alive is a miracle."  Now, the surface meaning of this is that he survived an impoverished childhood, the illness that killed his mother and a hurricane, but on a deeper level it implies that he is lucky no one has shot him, yet.  He is a dude who has absolutely ZERO chill.

Successful people often don't have much chill.  They keep working when everyone around them has their feet up and Netflix on - they keep fighting for something when everyone around them is saying, "No. No way. Impossible."  There is a loneliness that seems to come with those who are visionaries; they see the world a different way, and won't rest until that vision is fulfilled.

Some days, I want to just put my feet up and chill.  Some days I want to be a relentless force moving ever forward to some unimaginable perfect future in which even the poorest children in our Nation experience an education worthy of kings.  Why not?  


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