I USED TO teach middle school and high school which is why this particular post is titled as it is.  I'm not dumb.  There are certain minefields you just don't wander into.  Tomorrow, I shall resume my regularly scheduled post naming.  

I just got home from work.  It is currently 7:36 p.m.  This seems to be the theme this week.  Some weeks are just like that.  I was pretty stoked about Friday because it would be the first day this week that I could just teach and go home.  And then my producers called and said they wanted to do some pickups.  Let me explain, pickups are when you need a little bit of film footage because you missed it when you filmed or you need a tiny piece of exposition to fill in the story.  Or maybe I should explain more, see our school was in a documentary that was filmed last year, and so I get to say sentences like, "My produceers are in town filming again."  and "That was a long day of filming."  or my personal favorite, "Hey, my name is at the TOP of the call sheet!  I'm the talent!  I'm pretty sure I don't have to do the dishes."  The last group of sentences being used on my husband EVERY time they came to town to film.  He always replied with, "We are keeping you grounded, hon."  Thanks.

The biggest problem with the pickups are that I cut off my hair.  I had called them two months ago to see if we were finished and if I could cut my hair.  They asked me to wait, and then came out to film so stuff.  Then we all said good-bye and a few weeks later I cut my hair.  They were great about it though.  

The whole documentary thing started over a year ago, and it is sort of shocking to see it come to an end.  I can only assume, based on the fact that they had me do some pickups, that we aren't on the cuttingroom floor.  I figured, in the beginning, my students would be exposed to a professional film crew  - sort of a really extreme career day.  It was an all around wonderful experience, and perhaps some day soon I can tell you where and when to see the film.  

But right now, it is glorious Friday night.  I have ZERO responsibilities other than the Offspring and the Husband, and tomorrow I've got no where I have to be!!    Not only that,  I'm probably making waffles in the morning, and I really like waffles.  So things, are looking up.   It wasn't too long ago that I NEVER had a Friday night.  I used to teaching during the week, and waitress on the weekends, which, if you do the math, equals no Friday, ever.  I might miss the tips from time to time, but I don't miss the unending exhaustion that used to hang over me like a cloud.  I miss some of the awesome crew I used to work with Amy, Eimi, Esperanza, Teika, Katie, Chelsea and Danielle.  Working in a resteraunt is no joke, one tough job and remember, I've taught middle school.  

So here's the inside track on serving:  1.  Servers are paid minimum wage in California, but pretty much everywhere else LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE -- true story.  This legal because tips are supposed to bring a persons' wage up to minimum wage.  LAME.  2.  Servers don't take breaks -- at least not if they can help it.  If you take a break, you have to give up your tables and then you lose tips.  3.  You are on your feet the entire shift.  You are constantally moving, you never sit down, and you are usually carrying something heavy.  4.  Your work clothes will forever smell like the place you work.  Straight from the dryer my clothes still smelled like Applebees wings.  5.  Your server is probably working a second job.  Most of the folks I worked with were serving to bring in extra income.  6.  All servers hate Sunday shifts.  I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but church people are the worst; THE WORST.  I was working with a girl one Sunday, and someone left a tip on the table that looked like $100 bill, but really it was a pamphlet that said, "You know what's better than a $100?  Jesus!"  She did not convert. 7.   I think people really reveal their humanity when they go out to eat.  How you treat servers reveals a lot.

I am so glad that after a Friday of teaching, I don't have to gear up for an evening of waiting tables anymore.  Friday's were the toughest -- my two job day.  I have not eaten in an Applebees since my last day at work there, but it isn't because of anything I saw in the kitchen -- it is just that I spent enough hours in that place to last a LIFE TIME.  And for the record, I burned my uniform after I left.  It went up really quickly -- I think it might have been the grease from those wings.

Have a great weekend, friends, and if you are reading this after the world's longest shift -- I feel you man!  Put your feet up, and relax -- you've earned it a million times over.