THIS IS A REALLY BEAUTIFUL PICTURE.  You might not see it, though.  To you it probably just looks like some sort of weird metal thing.  It is actually a skewer so for roasting marshmallows.  Now, you are probably thinking.  Okay, that's . . . interesting . . . maybe I should start reading a different blog.  I'm not saying you are wrong, but just hear me out.

Today was The Girl's birthday party.  She invited six of her friends over.  She did not invite them to our petite apartment.  She invited them over to her Grandparent's house for a swim party.  My parents, who are the SWEETEST grandparents, let her have an entire birthday party at their house and pool.  Grammy was in charge of burgers, and Nanny was in charge of everything else.  Their house was invaded by seven screaming girls, and one eye-rolling brother.  

I made The Girl ask her grandparents herself about having the party at their house.  She called her Nanny up on the phone and of course, Nanny said yes immediately.  They let us haul in decorations, squealing girls, wet swimsuits, a pile of food, and an ice cream cake.  Not only did they allow it all to happen, but they were fabulous and generous hosts.

My parents are pretty awesome.  My children are incredibly spoiled.  My husband's parents live in the apartment complex we manage -- just one building over, and my parents live less than 1/2 a mile away.  They are surrounded by family.  For the first four years of my son's life, we lived at my parent's house -- while my husband went to school to become a mechanic, and then later when the entire market crashed.  Our kids have always had a pile of adults smiling at them, and loving them.  It is a pretty good way to grow up.

Which brings me back to the picture of the skewers.  The Girl really wanted to use the grandparent's new fire pit and make some s'mores.  Nanny brought graham crackers, marshmallows and two kinds of chocolate, but then we realized that we had nothing to roast the marshmallows with.  We used to have skewers but couldn't find them anywhere, so two hours before the party, Grampy busted out his welding rig, and made some.  That's right, he created homemade skewers so The Girl and her friends could have s'mores.  He was out in the garage for an hour, his welding helmet on, sparks flying so a bunch of 10 and 11 year old girls could have roasted marshmallows with melted chocolate and graham crackers.  I can't think of anything sweeter.

My Dad is a pretty standup guy, who I could talk about forever.  Both my parents are they type of people who are pretty serious about taking care of their families, and showing you how much they love and care about you.  I know that not all of you have that, and I really wish you did.  

You deserve your own set of hand welded s'mores skewers -- remember that.  Birthday love to all!