"QUIT BREATHING SO LOUD!"  The girl is home from camp and she and her brother are so thrilled to be united - they decided to greet each other with annoyance.  So much for absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It is good to have the family all back together under one roof.  As for Outdoor Ed - both the Husband and the Girl had a good time.  Now that she has been to camp, she's all grown up.  While she was gone, I picked up her paperwork for middle school, and she was thrilled to learn she has to do an art project.  She actually squealed with happiness - which is great.  She's been bouncing ideas off me - what if I make a . . .  It is good to see her excited about it.

We once again find ourselves in the warm and glorious embrace of a Friday night.  It is doubly perfect because it is cold and rainy and therefore, we've got a legitimate excuse to stay inside, and not go anywhere.  Of course, the 1/2 of the family that has just returned from the wilderness of Outdoor Ed, is more than happy to stay inside.  They were hiking in the rain just yesterday.

The Girl seems to have returned from camp a full-fledged Tween.  She is currently watching "High School Musical" which couldn't be any more trite if it tried.  I'm cutting her some slack.  I liked some pretty badly written shows when I was 11 (see Post 13).  Although, she keeps skipping the songs. "There is waaaay too much drama going on."  She told me.  Good news - I've raised a TV snob in training.

Teachers everywhere are gearing up for the last week before Winter Break.  This next week is NOT for the faint of heart.  The kids are hopped up on Christmas joy, and we are trying to teach them how to add fractions and define the theme of a story.  We are working on different goals.  The only thing that holds it all together is the Fat Man, himself.  I've explained that Santa and I are texting buddies - so they had better stay focused.  I realize that this is lazy and somewhat manipulative but so is that whole Elf on the Shelf thing.

Right now though, Monday is miles away, my Sweetheart is back home, along with my babies, so everything is fabulous.  Plus, there is a Star Wars marathon on tonight.  Life is good.


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