EIGHTY-EIGHT IS SPECIAL to me because it happens to be the year I graduated high school which makes me pretty dang old.  I was super proud of the fact that I was a graduate of '88 and used to include the number in a lot of things -- it was my user name on the internet and whatnot.  

Sometimes I would get the weirdest comments online, and I couldn't figure out why.  They usually ended with '88.  I thought they were fellow graduates also proud of their accomplishment and their year.  It turns out I was wrong.

found out later that '88 is a secret code that Nazi's use.  That's right.  The year I graduated high school is also Nazi slang.  This was a total bummer, and also explained some of the crazy comments that I used to get.  I once asked someone who's user name was 88life88 if he, too had graduated in '88.  "Um, no."  Was his reply.  His response made a lot more sense after I had cracked the secret Nazi code.

I was pretty bummed that my love of my year of graduation would send the wrong message.  I'm still nervous enough about it to wonder about the title of today's 500.  I don't want people to think this is a Nazi post. I am decidedly anti-Nazi.  I haven't used '88 in anything in forever, and not just because it reveals who old I am, but I don't want to send the wrong message.  

Secret codes are pretty unfair.  This past year twitter was hit with a bunch of antiseptic people using (( the echo)) to identify Jewish people so that their compatriots could avoid associating with them.  Of course, the internet being what it is, people took ((the echo)) back and tons of people now have it around their twitter handle to show support for the Jewish community.  In fact, so many people use it now that our poor little racist friends can no longer determine who is Jewish and who is not.  How sad.

That's my favorite kind of story.  When the bad guy tries to pull something, but a ton of good people flip around them.  It is the story of the underdog rising up against the odds and slaying the bigger stronger opponent, not with physical strength but with brain power.  I love that idea.

I often say to myself, "Sometimes you just gotta rise."  Which is true.  Sometimes you are tired and weary and everyone around you is questioning the path you are on, but you just got to keep going and rise.  My  life gets really busy sometimes -- a side effect of saying "yes" to things, and suffering from Alexander-Hamilton complex.  When I am in the middle of it, it can feel overwhelming, and I have to take a breath and remind myself, "This is it.  This is the moment when you have got to rise."  

nd I do -- or at least try to.  I put my foot forward again and keep on going.  At first it is slow and weary, but after a bit I find my pace again and keep on going and going and going.  It is what a good graduate of '88 would do after all.  

Keep on, y'all,