LOOKIT, 18 DAYS AGO, The Husband left to go on tour.  He has been traveling all over Eastern Europe.  He comes home in just three days, and we can't wait.  The pictures he's posted have been beautiful.  He travelled to Romania this trip which is a new place for him, and it looks like a storybook.  He had to drive nearly nine hours to get ther (He was in Hungary), but he seemed to really enjoy it.  We have to wait until after the weekend to hear all the details.

The kids held up pretty good this trip.  This is his third tour to Eastern Europe.  The first tour was tough on the kids, but now they understand that he is gone for awhile, but will be back soon.  The time difference, and the busyness of his schedule, make communiction a little tough.  I usually hear from him just as I'm waking up which is usually as he is just going to bed.  

When he gets home, he will be both wired and tired.  Excited to be back at home and to tell us bout his trip, and exhausted from travelling for twenty-four hours.  It will take him a while to settle back into the time zone, and the patterns of home.  The kids will cling to him like glue, and the cats will follow him around the apartment.  I love that he goes on tour.  Can you imagine working your whole life and playing your music and finally getting to actually go on tour?  How cool is that?  Imagine you show up in a town and people are listening to your music and asking to take a picture with you.  He is a musician and a performer, and playing music is when he is at his most comfortable.  I love watching him on stage.  He looks like he was born for it.

I miss him when he's gone.  I miss having another member of Team Grown Up.  We are fortunate, our kids are pretty well behaved.  The Girl is headed toward teendom and sometimes talks without thinking, regretting it almost immediately, but they have pretty good attitudes when Dad is gone.  I can't imagine how things would be if they were wild or acting up.  Yikes.

I have the MOST awesome support team.  My parents live less than  mile from us, and my in-laws live in our apartment complex.  I couldn't survive without this HOME TEAM.  I have a pretty busy schedule, and my parent's pick the kids up from school on my long days, and my mother-in-law hangs out with them when I'm running errands or have a meeting.  She is also a sweetheart who comes over to my apartment and does my laundry and straightens up the place.  Imagine coming home from a ten hour day to a clean kitchen and clean laundry?  It is enough to make you cry with gratefulness.  

I don't know how I would feel if he went on a long tour.  I don't really know how families manage when their partner is on the road for months at a time.  It seems like that would be really tough.  I don't know how families can hold themselves together without going on the road together.  We are a solid family having two totally separate experiences at the same time.  If that were extended over a long period of time, it might be hard to keep connected -- you would most definiately have to make a concerted effort to keep things tight.

The upside of The Husband being on tour is that I can watch my annual West Wing marathon without him getting tired of watching it.  I can binge watch Gilmore Girls or My So-Called Life without any sighs or interjections of, "You know there's a game on right now."  Sportsball is pretty non-existent when he's on the road.

Although, I have watched four 30 for 30's while he was on tour.  I don't think that counts though because although it is about sports, it is a documentary.  This time of life always makes me truly appreicate single parents everywhere.  You people are stronger than the mountains, and I tip my hat to you.  If you know someone who is a single parent, offer to watch their kids -- take them to your house because single parents probably haven't been home alone since the dawn of time.  Support those parents.  They need a strong village, and guess what, that village is us!

Here's to the last three days, and our upcoming family reunion.  I can't wait for the whole squad to be back together again.