HAPPY 2017!

I don't do New Year's resolutions.  I never have.  Even as a kid in school I would roll my eyes when the teachers would make us write out our resolutions for the new year.  The worst was in middle school and in high school when every teacher in every one of your class would start the new year by asking us to write out our resolutions.  Seriously.  In middle school, for part of it anyway, I went to private school which meant I had to write out my resolutions SEVEN TIMES.  By the last class of the day, I was really phoning it in:  I resolve to finish this sentence.  There!  Goal met!

A friend of mine points out that no one EVER fulfills the New Year's Resolutions, and therefore they have the same one every year; their resolution is to die.  They figure if they make it a resolution, then it won't happen.  If that works my resolution is to gain tons of weight.  

My usual plan is to resolve NOT to make resolutions. This is of course problematic because I break the resolution while making it.  Life is complicated, I guess.

I like setting goals -- especially ones that are achievable.  For example, I made a plan to try and make my bed every single day - and I did for seven months without a break, and only missing it twice in a year.  And recently, I made a goal to write 500 words every day.  So far I have managed it 161 days in a row - only missing once, when my blog's website was down.  Even then, I still wrote, I just didn't publish it until the following day.  

Speaking of resolutions, last year for Christmas, I got The Husband a gym membership and as it was two for one, I have one too.  I try to go three times a week - give or take.  The Hubs goes every other day, and he is insanely ripped a year later.  (Men!)  We both went to the gym today - we take turns one of us staying home with the kids.  He went first  - around 9 this morning, and he and two other guys were the only ones in the gym.  I went later - probably around 10:30, and it was already starting to develop that January look -- tons of people in new workout clothes wandering around wondering what they should do.  I'm not thrilled about the crowds and having to wait to use equiptment, but I don't want to derride the new members.  I generally have to fight the urge to high five strangers and that feeling is even more powerful with our new gym rats.  "You got this!"  I want to say to them.  I don't want them to feel that they don't belong.  I want them to come back and like me, enjoy their time.  I want them to know that they are welcome.

You should know, I'm not tiny.  Despite working out I am still what my grandmother would describe as a "healthy girl", but that isn't why I go to the gym.  I go because I am grateful that my body still can do the things I ask it to.  I am grateful that I am healthy enough to run that stupid Jacob's Ladder torture contraption.  I like how I feel while I am working out, and even more how I feel when I've completed a workout.  It helps me relax and sleep better.  It raises my energy level so that I can actually do something beside sit on the couch.

Maybe that should be my resolution - to encourage people around me so that our gym is the friendliest one in town.  I resolve it not only for my time at the gym when I feel pretty comfortable, but in my classroom, in my car, at the store and wherever I am.  Let friendliness and kindness be our watchword as we walk this globe together, so that everyone knows they are welcome here.