Photo by gerenme/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by gerenme/iStock / Getty Images

I get migraines from time to time - actually pretty rarely.  When they do show up, however, they are NO FUN!  It was, thankfully, a 1/2 day for students.  I was able to manage my way through meetings, and even, MISTAKENLY, went to the gym.  It was somewhere toward the end of my workout that I thought, "This is a bad idea."

I actually really like working out at the gym.  It makes me feel like I'm being proactive, and doing something about my life.  Also, it means that SOMETIMES I can eat a cookie.  But working out WITH a pre-migraine = ACTUAL migraine later.

I planned to collapse into bed as soon as I got home.  But here's what happened when I got home:  TONS OF STUFF!  I had phone call about our movie which was pretty important.  One of our students is (fortunately/unfortunately) attending the Presidential inauguration, and we were manging filming logistics, while I was on the phone, we had hopeful tennants at the door.  The Husband manages the apartment complex we live in, and SADLY I am the Official Spanish Translator, so I had to help him with our applicants.  THEN my AWESOME Dad and his faithful sidekick Jim, came by with a shelf they had built for me.  THERE WAS A LOT GOING ON and all of it was GOOD.

That's how it is sometimes.  You get overwhelmed or bogged down and you forget to focus on the good.  I mean, my dad and his best friend spent an afternoon building me a shelf.  My bathroom has ZERO storage -- a pedastal sink even with NO cabinet underneath! And these two great guys spent time and energy to make it possible for me to set my hairbrush down somewhere beside the top of the toilet!  That is awesome.

And, hey! one of my students is traveling all the way to DC and will be able to attend an amazing historic event!  Not only that, but my FABULOUS school is involved in an amazing documentary coming out in March -- HOW MANY PEOPLE GET TO SAY THAT?

And The Husband works from home.  He is able to be there for our Offspring when they are sick and supports me when I need to go to the gym or write a blog -- I mean that is good stuff, too.

Migraines are the OPPOSITE of fun, but compared to other medical issues, they are pretty minor.  My health, overall, is pretty good.  I am blessed in so many ways.  And I suppose if I were to dig even deeper into my own personal goldmine of good fortune, I live in a Nation that protects the rights of me (a woman) to not only become educated but to educate others, so that is good stuff, too.

Wow.  I cheered myself right up.  Plus, the meds are kicking in, and my brain is now just a dull throb.  I'm hoping your evening is good.  I'm hoping you are surrounded by people who love and support you.  I'm hoping that even in the middle of your troubles, which can feel overwhelming, you have the eye to see the good that is there, too.