This is the sink in my classroom. Almost daily, when students go to get a drink, they pause frozen and confused. "What do I do, Ms. E?"   It took me forever to realize they didn't know how to turn the water on for the drinking fountain. 

Its the same kind of fountain that I had when I was a kid and now it's obsolete. I try daily not to read anything into this. It depends on how tired I'm feeling whether or not this makes me feel like I'm a hundred years old. 

Once upon a time, I was the youngest teacher on campus. The older teachers looked out for me, encouraged me and brought me coffee. Those days are far behind me - some of the kids I taught are teachers now.  

I am also the technology teacher which I find hysterically funny. I mean, I'm one of the "older" teachers but Im supposed Robb's helping our students adapt to the ever changing world of technology, of course, when my grandmother was a girl, the ball point pen was new technology so technology isn't necessarily complex.  

I love learning new ways to do things on my phone or my computer. As a writer and a teacher I do love the wonderful, beautiful cloud that allows me to access my writing anywhere or any place.  I love too, that technology is not a static thing; there's always something more - another layer or a deeper level. 

Maybe it makes me feel young to know that I have to keep learning; that my education isn't over yet. Teaching is totally that way. You can never stop. There is always something more.  

I wonder too, what things are out there in the future that will change everything and revolutionize our lives. And I wonder what things we have now that will cause students years from now to stand still with confusion and say, "What am I supposed to do?"