We blew town and headed for the mountains. It is so wicked cold! Back in the 1970s my Grandfather bought a time share in a very small town on Tahoe's north shore. It is our families for two weeks in the summer and two weeks in the winter. 

We haven't come up in the winter in ages because of storms, lack of snow and life.  We just got up here and it is so gorgeous. The snow is a delicious, sugary white powder. 

I've come to Incline Village every summer of my life, and the snow drifts are so high, I don't recognize anything. The kids squealed with delight the second the snow came into view. They are still squealing now.  Tomorrow will be a snow day, and no doubt the kids will sleep great. We have to head back Monday, but the Grandparents, who are here with us are spending the week here. 

Wishing you a peaceful evening,