Instead I fought my way through piles of snow. The Offspring went sledding until they got too cold to move. So, they lasted about an hour and a half. Mom and I had rented snow shoes which I had never used before. They keep you from sinking but are NOT easy to walk in! They keep you above the snow but you've got to lift your whole leg with every step.  

Watching the Offspring come screaming down the hill was a blast. The Husband and our Grampy stayed behind to watch the Cowboys play - or as The Husband says, "Go to church!" 



Our lives are fairly dull. Sure, the Rockstar has shows and goes on tour but overall things are pretty low key. We don't go exotic places or fly away on weekend trips. Sometimes when I crawl out of bed on Saturday, it seems like the rest of the world is already on the way back from taking their kids to swim with dolphins or climbing the nearest mountain. And what do I have planned? Laundry! 

But we almost always have fun - ordinary everyday life fun, and every now and again we have wonderful trips like this. We head back tomorrow night and hop right back into a busy week but our time here has already been glorious and the views unbelievable. 

Wishing you joy in the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life!