She is currently hard at work finishing up her entrance packet for her middle school.  She has to create a collage that represents herself.  I think it is a pretty esoterical assignment for an eleven year old, but she's an artist, and keeps shushing me so she can CREATE.  I guess we found the right school for her.

The picture above was taken by one of my former students who is now a professional photographer.  Sarah Rose Photography.  I love this picture and it is how I think of her, which makes it easier to put up with her mood swings, and inconvenient for her because she wants to be GROWN.

Next year, she will be out of my grasp.  She will be at a school where I am not a teacher.  This will be a new experience for her.  She will be an "ordinary" student.  I know she is anxious for the space and time away from her MOTHER, and especially to be free of school uniforms, but I'll miss being able to see her across the playground and find out how her day is going.

The Boy, is thrilled to send her off, by the way.  He will be an "only" child on campus with me next year.  He won't have to fight about who gets to sit where, or struggle to fit his cello in with her saxaphone.  He also will have a year of being himself -- no one's little brother.  

I'm not a big fan of change (just ask The Husband).  I accept that change is inevitable and often realy great, but the process is a struggle for me.  I'm excited for the changes that will happen next school year, but dread them as well.  I suppose that is the dual struggle of life; seeking changing, and fearing it too.

I don't know about you, but I hope whatever changes roll your way are good ones.  I hope that you have the strength to face the days ahead, and when you struggle, I hope you have someone to lean on, and keep you on your feet.