You are probably thinking that I have got a ton to say about today's events.  I'm sorry I just really don't have it in me.  I woke up today hoping against all hope that today's speech would somehow move and inspire me.  I wanted to lifted up and reminded of the ways in which we can rise above our differences and unite.  

That didn't happen. 

The speech was kind of a downer, and all the while I could stop thinking about the sweetest, little baby, named Noah.  You can read all about him in Blog #153.

He is the sweetest little guy with a mop of crazy hair.  He is heavy on my heart.  You can't get any more "pre-existing" when it comes to his health concerns.  They started with his first breath.  He is beautiful, bright and such a fighter.  His parents are fighters, too.  Gracie stays home with and works tirelessly -- helping him grow and develop.  She is a Mama Bear who works so hard to make sure that he has everything he needs -- which includes health insurance. 

Someday he will also be big enough to go to school.  He, like every child, deserves a stellar education.  He deserves to be support, encouraged and taught.

Noah is NOT a statistic.  He is a real person; a bright, energetic son of this Nation, who is counting on all of us to make decisions that will help him grow up to be the best citizen he can be.  His mother is a powerful young woman who advocates for him.  She is not a liberal "snowflake".  She isn't a "sore loser".  She isn't panicked because of an article she read on some shady website.  

She is Noah's mommy, and she depends on the Affordable Health Care Act to make sure that her baby has everything he needs.  She is a mommy that is hoping, against hope, that our school system will understand that he matters just as much as any child; that he has a right to an education.

Noah matters.  He is here.  He is real, and he is counting on us.  I don't have the strength for a political rant tonight.  I'm shifting my energies into prayers for Gracie and Noah, and all the other Americans who are wondering what will happen if their health insurance disappears.  

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