My feed is full of people talking about leaving Facebook.  Every day there is a post that goes something like, "Maybe it is time for me to quit.  I am so over these political posts!  Too much!!"  It is hard for me to relate to because I really enjoy reading, thinking and talking about politics.  My favorite books are biographies about historical and political figures - and we are living in interesting and complicated times.  It doesn't bother me when someone posts something political.

Of course, my attitude toward Facebook is that it is a giant bulletin board with thousands of notes pinned to it.  Sometimes one of the notes catches my eye and I take it down and think about it.  Sometimes I am struck by the beauty of the words, or the thought.  I might even comment.  I might not.  I might hang it back up for more folks to see.  

Sometimes something on the Facebook bulletin board catches my eye, and I am struck with a different emotion - surprise or shock.  I am stunned that someone feels that way.  I pause looking up at it, and then move on.  It doesn't impact me, or effect me emotional.  It exists and I exist.  I don't agree with it, but it is there.

I respond to people sometimes and maybe I shouldn't.  But then again, I believe in conversation.  I am curious, and want them to explain their thinking to me because it doesn't make sense.  I don't know that I am offended by it - more intrigued; someone I know thinks that?  Sometimes I want to clarify a point that I think they misunderstood.  That happened just today.  I had a conversation with a former student about his response to the Women's Marches.  I wanted to clarify and explain why I marched because it seemed he didn't understand that.  We talked about it.  I saw his position.  He saw mine.  I don't despise him.  I'm not angry.  I can think one thing, and someone can think something else, and it doesn't bother me.

Maybe I'm hard-hearted?  I don't know.  I don't absorb what people say on this giant bulletin board.  It is there - full of everything and everyone.  Some of things people say I agree with, some of them spark me to think new ideas, some of things I read are ridiculous - some are even rude.  They are just notes on a board and I get to chose what I read and what I think.

So I'm not quitting Facebook.  For one thing, I've got friends all over this big blue ball - and this is one way for me to keep in touch and see what they are doing.  Also, my big sister lives in another country (Hi, Sis!) -- I like letting her see what we are doing and how her niece and nephew are growing. So go ahead, keep posting all the things you are posting.  I might read them, I might not, but you and me, we are cool.