Since my most recent post about how I feel about FB  posts, I am sure everyone out there is chill about what everyone out there is posting.  Actually, that might be an ALTERNATE fact.  I'll have my people look into it.

The Women's March sure has folks riled up.  Which, not unlike my reaction to FB posts, I don't entirely get.  It seems like a strange thing to get riled up about.  I mean if you didn't march, cool.  If you thinking marching was dumb, cool.  I don't understand why you have to go on and on about it.  I mean, I don't write endless posts when there's a parade for gun rights or in support of kale -- (let's face it - Kale is an over-rated weed).

Although, to be fair, I imagine tons of people are sick of me writing about various topics.  I get that.  My endless discussion of equality, justice, defensive of those living in poverty and the beauty of Star Wars probably gets on peoples' nerves.  That's fine.  

When I set out to write 500 words everyday, give or take, I didn't really have an end goal.  I didn't say to myself, "I'll write for thirty days and then stop."  I just started doing it.  It is pretty much habit now, and I find myself contemplating what I want to write about all day long.  Some days I write something and think -- "People will really like this,"  and then no one reads it.  Some days I think, "Man, I got nothing to say.  This is a bad post," and people like it all over the place.  One thing is true - both my Dad and The Husband read it everyday -- which is more sweetness than one human has any right, too.

I have probably said five or six dumb things that later I will slap my forehead and say, "What was I thinking?"  I am imperfect.  Like seriously.  I've got flaws.  The Husband can tell you -- actually so can the Parents.  I'm stubborn, and willful and often far too hyper.  I don't chill very well, but I can be REALLY LAZY when I want to be.

Which, is a long way of saying that if I offended you with any of my writing, I'm sorry about that.  I think maybe it is just the side-effect of daily writing, and the two of us being different people with different thoughts.  You and I won't always agree, and I hope that when we disagree, I am respectful about it.  I don't ever have a particular person in mind when I'm writing -- unless I'm writing about a specific person like Carrie Fisher, or Alan Bean, or little, sweet Noah Bear.   

I'm not sure if I will write every day forever, but I plan on writing everyday for awhile.  Maybe I will keep going for 365 days -- maybe not.  I guess that gives me plenty of time to offend you, if I haven't yet.  I swear it isn't my goal.

On a side-note, my student who attended the Inagural Leadership Camp should be back at school tomorrow.  I CANNOT wait to find out how it all went!  Until tomorrow, pals.  Keep up the good fight, and be gentle with one another out there in the Social Media Kingdom!