I just got home.  I was at the Parentals helping my Pops with his brand new blog.  That's right.  Now there is two of us.  Also, bad news, I'm the mellow one.  Actually, Pops is super sweet, as is Momsie.  He was a retired welder/pipe fitter, but if life had rolled out differently, he would be a professor — probably of philosophy or religion.  He's super smart.  Both of my parents are smart -- I've got great genes.

Our work was interrupted with a FaceTime call from the Big Sister.  She lives in Mexico, and so we don't get to see her too often.  We immediately set work aside and chatted.  It was a lovely evening -- the original family unit connected -- well, at least digitally connected.  Big Sis is getting nervous because if Mexico DOES begin to ban products made in America -- she will not have access to Hershey's chocolate.  So, we might have to become smugglers -- which I am pretty sure I would be terrible at.  "What is going on in America?"  She asked.  "We can't lose chocolate!"

We told her she didn't want to know, and it would probably be best if they let people assume they were Canadian.  She is a missionary/humanitarian worker, and they are far too busy to get involved in politics of any nation.  She is on the front lines.  When it comes to international relations, she is too busy working toward literacy, health and spiritual well-being to deal with mandates or policy.

By the way, I guess my blog about people thinking about quitting FB didn't solve things.  I have another pack of people post the now familiar post:  "I'm thinking about giving up social media.  I can't take all the negativity and hate . . . " I really thought I fixed it all.  Oh, well.  A couple of them even said they were swearing off ALL media -- social or otherwise.  I don't think I could manage that.  I want to know and understand what is happening, but as we discussed earlier - I enjoy politics.

And to clarify, I am not HOPING for 45 to fail.  I am not HOPING for the destruction of America.  It seems like there is a belief that if you question 45's leadership, it is because you are a "sore loser" who wants him to fail.  I do not.  My concerns have to do with love of country, not hatred of it.  I thought I'd clarify that -- in case you weren't sure. 

Other than that, it is a glorious Friday evening.  I've got no appointments until tomorrow afternoon.  I can do whatever I want -- which of course means that about an hour for now, I will fall asleep "watching" a movie with The Husband, but for now the evening stretches with endless possibilities.

Wishing you the loveliest of Fridays,