I'm taking a break from Candy Crush to write this. I woke up with a stiff back, and the more I moved, the worse I felt. So now I'm just laying in bed icing my back and hoping my children don't burn the house down. 

i hate when my back goes out. It makes me feel old and huge. You never hear about skinny girls having their back go out on them!  

The kids have been sweet - bringing me things and helping me cook and get stuff done. The Husband is hardly home on Sundays, so it is just us until about 6:30 tonight. Of course, the kids are enjoying WAY more screen time than they normally would have today, so pitching in isn't too bad. 

I'm thankful though. I am fortunate in that I am relatively healthy in general. These bouts of back pain are usually the result of sleeping in a bad position or over doing it at the gym. 

Of course being forced into stillness I cruised around the internet today. Something someone said really struck me. Actually a couple of someone's said it. They were talking about how sad it is that we are so divided as a nation. I started thinking about that. I mean leading up to the election and right after that seemed really true, but last night it felt like we were united. It felt like The People had something to say about what happens that immigrants.  

The Womens March last week was planned for two months, but last was immediate and spontaneous. It felt genuine. It felt like a Nation declaring its identity.  

Of course, with the dawn were all the post about the fact that the ban was temporary, and similar to something done in the past. And I don't want to waste energy explaining why this order was different - you can research that yourself. That's not what I'm thinking and talking about right now. Right now I'm thinking how good it is the people's eyes are locked into one another. Our heads are lifted up from our tablets and phones and we are seeing one another. "Are you okay? Do you need a lawyer?" And that feels more like community than division to me. 

All together now,