I could go with a California stereotype here and talk about how everyone is freaking out because it is raining.  But everyone is freaking out because it is raining.  Although, I should clarify that I am in Northern California which is actually really, really different from Southern California.  We do get some rain and high up in the hills, even snow.  So you know, we aren't Minnesota by any stretch, but we do actually get some weather.

I usually love the rain, and part of me still does, except that the husband has asthma.  Every time it rains he gets really symptomatic, and it turns out I like the Husband breathing substantially more than the cozy, lazy feeling a rainy day gives you.  So rainy days have lost some of their shine.

We are currently down a kid, as The Girl is with the Grandparents for the night.  When the Boy goes to the Grandparents, the house is just as noisy as ever with the Girl enjoying her single-child status by chatting away endlessly.  Right now, the house is completely silent.  The Boy divides his time between his new tiny drone, his pokemon cards, and the computer.  He is focused on each activity and only briefly comes up for air, and a discussion of some new fact he's learned.  It is really quiet.

My winter vacation is coming to an end, and I would like to say I got a TON of work completed.  I did not.  How can you expect me to work when I have all this yarn, knitting needles and a quiet house?  Work is not happening.  I've enjoyed our time off from school SO much.  I like hanging around the Offspring, and my BFF, the Husband.  We are fortunate, in that we get three weeks off for winter break, but the problem with that is that you completely fall out of your ordinary routines.  I mean, when my alarm goes off Monday morning, it will feel like a complete shock.  I TRY to make myself wake up normalish time, but my bed is SO WARM and I don't HAVE to go anywhere.  Anyway, Monday will be brutal.

There is a sandbag station in the parking lot of the high school football stadium.  People were filling sandbags yesterday in prep for a week of rain.  When I was in 6th grade we had a bad storm, and a lot of the downtown area got flooded.  My dad and I went out in a rowboat to check on people.  I remember it being oodles of fun, but then again, our house didn't flood.  In retrospect, it was probably a real bummer for a ton of people.  

I am going to be bogged down with work tomorrow, but for now, I'm curling up with a good movie and my yarn.  It is still vacation, after all, even if it is only for 36 more hours.