My air conditioner didn't even kick on in my classroom until after 2 p.m.  When it did kick on, I was surprised to hear its familiar hum.  Excluding the days right after the fire, that thing has been humming along nearly every day.  Today is the first day that actually felt like fall, and it was lovely to feel the slight cold edge to the air.   I love fall and winter, with its fog and rain.  I am a native northern California who understands that a trip to the beach includes a big sweatshirt and cold winds.

This felt like the most normal day we've had seen the fires and my students are settling back into the routines of school.  I am already amazed at how much my kinders have grown and matured.  They know just what to do when they come into my classroom, and it is good to see.

The Husband heads off on tour at the end of this week, and I become the sole parent for a few weeks.  It is a challenging time for us.  There are some things that Dad just does better than I do -- he makes better omelettes and fixes computer glitches a little faster than I do.  He also is better at letting them watch "fun" movies -- movies like Jurassic Park that I would deem too scary. 

He has a very busy tour -- nearly a concert every day, and some days two.  His band also often will do pop-up concerts in parks and town squares - especially in newer countries.  He's got friends wherever he goes, and is excited to see them again.  Some friends of ours in Hungary just gave birth to their first child, and he'll get to see the baby live and in person, while I have to be satisfied with the digital version.


You might be aware that tomorrow is Halloween.  Teachers all over the United States will be attempting to teach students dressed as cats, bats, ghosts, witches, pokemon, and minecraft characters.  It can be a LONG day.  Of course the REAL day to remember the teachers is November 1st -- students come to school tired, and crashing down from sugar rush.  God bless, teachers everywhere this week!

What is your costume this year?  What was your best costume?  My best costume was Noah's Ark.  I went to a church party for Halloween one year when I was a kid and we had to think of a costume from the Bible.  My Dad and I came up with Noah's Ark -- not Noah, his boat.  My dad built me this SWEET cardboard boat that I wore around me.  Inside the boat, I put two of every kind of stuffed animal I had - two bears, two cheap stuffed snakes (the spoils of fair games) and two stuffed elements.  Man did I stand out amid all the kids dressed as Peter, or Jonah or Jesus.  I still love that costume.

Keep moving forward and may you get full-sized candy bars everywhere you go!