As is typical on a wild Friday night at our place, I was snoozing when the Husband said, "What about your blog?"  I swear I had decided to just sit down for a minute and the next thing you know it is creeping up on 9 p.m.  I like the idea of Friday night, and all it's potential, but what seems to happen is that I start to fall asleep right around 7:30 p.m.

I ended the week with a pretty awesome after school leadership class.  They spent the afternoon painting rocks that they will hide around our campus.  If another student finds one of the rocks they are supposed to pick up trash, and then bring the rock to my classroom for a special badge.  My leadership kids are designing a badge that we are going to print out on a 3D printer that those who Clean Up with the Clean Up Rocks will then be given.  It is a project to promote school pride and sense of community.  A room filled with 5th graders painting rocks is surprisingly quiet and peaceful.  The rocks look pretty good, and no one spilled any paint.  That was probably the most surprising part of the adventure.  I'm excited to get the rocks out there, and to have the leadership kids make the announcement to the school.  We plan to shoot a video about it next week.

My first graders started our Secret Project.  I'd tell you about it, but we are sworn to secrecy.  They did a really great job today, and I just know that if we keep working away, I'll be letting you know how Secret Project turns out.  They were super proud of themselves, and I was proud of them.  

I love allowing students to tackle new and/or difficult things.  When they manage to accomplish the task, they swell with pride.  I also had a small band of 2nd graders back them up and helping them out.  They were just adorable as they helped out the "little" kids.

Unlike last weekend, we have nearly noting going on this weekend.  I'm kind of happy about that as I really should spend some time working on my homework for grad school.  Can you believe it is October?  The craziest thing about that is in just TWO months you won't hear me talking about grad school homework anymore.  IN other news, the college is not beginning a new PHd program . . .

Here's to new adventures and restful nights!

Keep moving forward,