The Girl and I went to the movies today. We DID NOT see an animated film. There will be no toys from this film in happy meals. It was a teen-angsty glob of mush. At one point the wide-eyed teen girl told the thoughtfully awkward teen-boy, "You can't stay here; your heart is too big." I'm not even making that up. If you are an 11 year old girl, it just might be the best movie you have ever seen; like, EVER. 

I suppose this means barbies are over, which is just as well, that plastic girl has some serious issues. Now, we are headed for deep sighs and crossed arms. "You don't understand!" The path toward independence is frought with peril. I told a red-rimmed eye Girl just the other day, "You have to find a way to practice being in charge of your life while still being respectful to Daddy and I. 

I can remember those days, can't you? I'd find myself realizing mid-sentence that I was headed in the wrong direction conversationally. The next thing you know I was banished to my room to await a Serious Talk.  Now, I'm on the other side of the closed bedroom door, which no doubt, entertains my parents to no end. 

Its the circle of life, I guess. Just as sure as teen and pre-teen girls were sigh in the darkened movie theaters when the teen boy on the screen says, "I love you so much it hurts but I have to leave", so will those teen girls grow up to be mothers whose daughters will cross their arms and sigh. It is a beautiful circle that never ends.