I became a theater season ticket holder a little over a year ago.  And although I do love the theater, I have never been the kind of person who would buy season tickets.  It seemed too much like something fancy folks do.  But, when I got a message on my FB wall that if I became a SHN Member, I would have seats for Hamilton, I clicked without even thinking.

FAST FORWARD through a lot of months, and my husband and I went to see Hamilton today.  We sat in the 2nd to last row, or the balcony.  We were at the very back of the theater.  We were just one row away from the spot farthest from the stage.

And it was magical.

I actually had to tell myself to start breathing because I was holding my breath from the sheer excitement of it all.  I am nearly ALWAYS listening to the Hamilton soundtrack or the Hamilton Mixtape, but  I took a two week break before the show.  The music hit me full force, and the cast was amazing.  There was this brief moment in time where I had to adjust to the voices I was hearing, as opposed to the voices I'd been listening to on the cast albums, but it was mere seconds and then I was overwhelmed with the music.

But in a larger sense, the power of Hamilton isn't in the music alone.  It is so much more than that.  It is the ultimate underdog story.  Lin-Manuel Miranda could've shrunk down into himself when he was bullied for not fitting the mold.  His parents could've tried to help him "fit in" with the other kids.  He could've put down his pen and quit writing.

He didn't.

He kept writing.  He wrote his way out.  Much like Alexander Hamilton who managed to write an essay that so impressed those around him that they sent him to America to study, he used his unique vision and voice to create something real and powerful.  He told a story about being relentless with a dream, and even rising up out of the dust of mistakes, and pushing forward.


Just listening to the cast album gives you a glimpse into how brilliant Lin-Manuel is, but seeing his work on stage, is stunning.  He created something so powerful that everyone in the room, no matter their background, are transfixed.  The room was absolutely silent during the quiet scenes and errupted into thunderous applause at each song's end.

The Hubs and I, attempt a stage selfie

The Hubs and I, attempt a stage selfie

And Hamilton means so much to my family.  It isn't just a musical really.  It is a reminder that America's story can be told by so many voices — not just the ones we are used to hearing.  He calls America, "The great unfinished symphony".  And it truly is.  Our story isn't over yet, any more than Lin-Manuel's or, even Alexander Hamilton's story is.  We are writing and rewriting it every day.


We open our arms and embrace what is before us; we cling to the good, and try to leave the bad behind.  We move three steps ahead, and then stall out, frozen in self-doubt or fear, and maybe someone comes along to give us a nudge and keep us going, or maybe, somehow we dig deep and find a way to rise and keep going.  Just fifty years ago, the idea of the Husband and I attending a show together would be outrageous and the idea of the cast of Hamilton completely preposterous .  Who knows what is to come for the future.  We keep rushing headlong into the future, bringing all our hopes with us, and longing for even better and better days for all of us.