266: Like A Little Rabbit, Leaping for Joy

We held our Easter celebration today.  Everyone was at the Parentals' house for a traditional meal of lasagna and salad.  The Sister and I made up the lasagna yesterday so we are all ready to go which is good because with a couple of pastors in the family - religious holidays are complex.  Eveyone has to be somewhere tomorrow, and today is filled with rehearsals, but we had this two hour window when everyone was free.  It was pretty delicious and nice to be with the family.  The only bummer was that our Mother, who is recovering form surgery, wasn't feeling good at all.  She loves holidays, so it is pretty sad when she doesn't feel well enough to enjoy it.

The kids even got their Easter baskets today.  We were going to let them see them tomorrow morning, but realized that then Auntie would miss out - so the bunny came a day early.

The highlight of today's celebration, for the Boy, was when my Sister decided to give her little dog a bath.  The Boy would LOVE to have a dog, and so adores her little puppy. Her dog is some kind of weird mix of two tiny dogs.  It was a stray they rescued somewhere in Mexico and was so tiny that it used to sleep inside her slipper.  They named it Orca, afte the killer whale, because she is a pretty fierce little dog.  She's not crazy about most humans, and like all little dogs, can be kind of yippy.  But this visit, she's rather taken with the Boy who loves to take her on walks.  He was in heaven giving her a bath today.

We also took the little mutt for a walk to the park - making this the "Best day ever!" for the boy.  I grew up in the country and it is easy for me to imagine how much the boy would've loved growing up where I did.  

My Sister's dog is hilarious.  She runs like a little rabbit - we love running around with her just to wash her dash and jump.  It is pretty cute.



My mother said the kids were too old for Easter baskets, but both my Sister and I responded with, "They can't be!  I'm not too old for Easter baskets!"  I really wanted to run out and get my Sister an Easter basket, too, but ran out of time.  Then again -- everything will be on sale next week . . .  Our Grandfather used to buy us these beautiful sugar eggs.  Have you ever seen one?  They are sparkling and lovely and made entirely of sugar.  They are open on one end and when you look inside there is a whole beautiful scene.  My Sister always said they were too pretty to eat, but the draw of sugar was always too powerful for me and I would chip off a tiny piece.  It tasted terrible; far too sweet, and not intended to be eaten.  You'd think I would learn.

Grandpa was super sweet - sweeter than the sugar eggs he handed out.  The holidays always remind us that our Grandparents are gone.  I am more fortunate than most, I had all of my grandparents well into my adulthood.  We lost all of them just a few years ago, but I miss them sitting at the dinner table with us, smiling as my children behave or don't behave -- depending on the amount of cake they've consumed.  The Grands enjoyed their great grandchildren immensely - Gramps just adored watching them play, and my children loved to sit with their Gramps and GG, and their GG Ella.  They would tell them stories, and ask about when I was young and how often I misbehaved.  They loved hearing about me getting into trouble!  Unfortunately, for them, they were talking to my Grandparents - who thought I was pretty great too.

I imagine there are tons of people celebrating Passover and Easter and thinking of those who aren't at the table.  We miss them, and love them even still. 


Keep moving forward,