This day would've been a complete nothing day -- we spent most of it resting and recovering from a busy week -- if our neighbors hadn't had us over for dinner.  The husband's best pal from high school and his family moved upstairs from us.  They are a super sweet family, and it is so nice to have people we know nearby.  They are very good cooks and so when they say, "You want to do dinner together?"  we jump on it.

The highlight of the evening was our attempt at Peep S'mores.  We had both seen the recipe on one of those Tasty Facebook videos or maybe it was Pinterest, but we decided to give it a go.  It tasted pretty yummy and there is something oddly satisfying about watching those brightly colored birds melt.  The kids gathered around the oven to watch the peep massacre, and our Boy kept saying, "The Horror!  Oh the horror!"  as he watched the peeps melt.  That kid.

Now I'm fully of marshmallows and sleepy, again  — despite a late afternoon nap.  I have to say that I have a deep love for a Saturday with no appointments or events.  Don't you?  

Many of my friends were posting pics of all the exciting things they did today.  It was a gorgeous day -- the first real spring looking day we've seen, and yet a nap was probably our biggest activity until dinner time.  We did some shopping and the kids played outside, but if I were to post any pics from today, they would involve my couch and me laying on it, reading a book.

Here's to days to be thankful for -- the ones packed with excitement and the ones filled with naps.

Keep moving forward,